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the selected works of b h

short stories

Nuncaville - November 2003 - Surreal indictment of modern American society.

The Escape from LeChatelier's Dam - August 2003 - Futuristic philosophical

tale questioning our views of religion, reality, and existence.

catch me before i turn to gold - June 2003 - short stream-of-consciousness

contemplation of a teen's life and views on purity, victory, and purpose.

bella mundi - February 2004 - dementia and megalomania show up in the strangest places.


    my elevator redemption song

    lucas 11:45


    the withdraw

    mein fuhrer

    sodium light brigade

    entropy on maple street

    a thousand my lives, only

    scaling the east wall

    thought of a moment

    an american nascence

    empire in a briefcase

    on hitting a family pet




Explanations of certain works coming soon.

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